Benefits of ADA Equipment

An example of an ADA accessible riding toy

People with Limited Mobility

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible equipment with ramp would allow two adults or children in wheelchairs to play at the same time.  With the addition of this equipment, everyone will be able to enjoy inclusive play!  Up to 12 total riders at one time.

Spectrum Diagnosis

People with a spectral diagnosis like Asperger's Syndrome or Autism sometimes "stim" (repeated movements to help stimulate themselves).  Equipment like this would provide a similarly calming stimming activity.

Students with Trouble Focusing

Studies have shown that 10 minutes of undulating motion play, experienced on a swing or this type of equipment, provides an exponential benefit similar to 20 minutes of play.  Students who are active at recess tend to focus better during class time.

General Education Students

Sometimes students who have trouble focusing in class will distract their peers making it more difficult for everyone to learn.  When those with trouble focusing are now able to focus better, so will their friends.

Community Members

This equipment will be available for adults and children in the community to visit at non-school hours.  Imagine a parent in a wheelchair who may have brought his children to a park many times in their lives, but now he will be able to ride and play with his kids, possibly for the first time!


We are doing our own research study to prove these claims.  Please email us if you are willing to take 3 surveys; Sept 2018, Jan 2019 & June 2019.  You will also *need to* play on the equipment after it's installed! 

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